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About Hindu

The Reign of  Hindu in India

Select Hindu to fulfill your advertising ambitions

In spite of a lot of effort and money invested in print advertising, advertisers are not bestowed with expected results. Often selecting the wrong newspaper can be the reason for poor returns on advertisements. Therefore laying your hands on the right newspaper is of top priority and Hindu is among the top English Newspapers of India, which has gained a lot of respect and popularity in the past decade.


Why Hindu?

With its headquarters situated in Chennai, Hindu is considered to be the most widely circulated newspaper in the southern region of the country. It also reaches out to the major metropolitan cities of India like Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. As a result of being circulated in all these important cities, Hindu has become a sought after newspaper brand for all advertisers. The content, authenticity and unbiased news format of Hindu imbibes immense faith of the readers and advertisers in this particular newspaper.


Being popular and trusted are essential qualities for any newspaper that offers an advertising platform. Hindu seems to have successfully crossed that bridge without any hindrance and secured its place among the top 3 most read English newspaper in India.  It has posses as a huge competition for both Times of India and Hindustan Times in terms of readership, which is around 22.6 lakhs and circulation, which comes to about 15.58 lakhs

Extensive Reach:

Judging the reach of Hindu by its presence in all the important cities of the country, the newspaper has access to the market of several crucial locations. It has multiple editions across India which cover mainly the southern part and includes other cosmopolitan cities, namely Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Hyderabad City, Madurai, Mangalore, Mysore, Trichy, Trivandrum, Vijayawada, Kolkata, Vishakhapatnam and many more.

Readership: Hindu is known to be a huge hit among the youth of today due to its unbiased journalistic approach and presentation about the political, economical and financial affairs of the country. The quality of its news content makes it stand out for aged as well as professional readers too. Therefore, it is ideal for advertising across multiple categories including Property, Matrimonial, Education, Recruitment, Travel, Announcements etc.


Supplements, also referred to as pullouts, accompany the main newspaper to add value to the Main Broadsheet and cater to a varied genre of audiences or readers.

Education Plus: Education Plus is published on Mondays along with the main sheet of Hindu. It specifically focuses on the careers and education streams that are right for the budding youth of today. It is a haven for Education advertisers who intend to promote their Institutes, Coaching Centres, announce Admission Notices, advertise colleges, vocational course centre etc.

Empower: Hindu Empower, which comes out every Wednesday, is meant to be a print guide for careerists and is the link between the recruiter and the job seeker. It is the best platform for both the employers and the prospective employees.

Property Plus: Property Plus is the most popular pullout of Hindu and is released every Saturday. It is considered to be the ultimate one-stop destination for all property advertisers. It enables you to publish classifieds as well as display advertisements as long as it is related to property.

Metro Plus, Metro Plus Weekend and Friday Review are other popular supplements of Hindu, which are released on different days with the main paper.

Competitors of Hindu

The two main competitors of Hindu are Hindustan Times and Times of India. These 3 newspapers enjoy the highest market share when it comes to readers, number of advertisers and advertisements. Hindu also has a Tamil edition, which also faces stiff competition from other Tamil newspapers like Daily Thanthi and Dinamalar. But, in spite of such competition, The Hindu stands out as one of the most quality conscious newspapers across the country. 

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